Sunday, February 14, 2016

PES 16, ACC Screen Shots

A couple years ago, EA's FIFA franchise included a player / team editor. It was awesome. I'm a sucker for that stuff. In it, I created teams that ranged from NASL sides to childhood friends. The one I had the most fun with, though, was creating a team made up of Crew folks I had met in person, or out there in the social media universe.

EA tossed that feature into the dumpster for whatever reason so now I've moved on to the other triple-A game Pro Evolution Soccer. I gave it a test drive last year and found it to be a better representation of the game (although still far from what the sport actually is, of course).

Enjoyable as it was on the Xbox One, I could tell her roots were PC based. So, I bookmarked the game in my head and promised to try it out on my PC when I finally upgraded my PSU and graphics card.

Welp, yesterday day was that day and I couldn't be happier. She handles great on the PC and it is loaded with plenty of player and team custom creation options.

This go-round I've decided to us a very real Athletic Club of Columbus as the team name. I love that this 100+ year old club exists and would like to think that in an open to all and organized soccer pyramid, they would have a team participating. Using a existing place also helps with the creative process a lot. I even find myself working out things I otherwise wouldn't. For example: the kits would be made locally and paid for by club membership fees.

Anyhow. I've got 11 players in and about to work on a few more. It's great fun and allows my to quench my thirst for kit design (in a real 3-D space, something Adidas should try out).

If you're one of the few reading this, you are probably going in the game:) - Stay tuned for more!

Here's how it looks in motion.

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