Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CCL Update

MLS vs Liga MX was the headline for this week's CONCACAF Champions League matches (well, "USA vs Mexico" in tone deaf MLS land) and, predictably, it hasn't gone well for MLS sides. It never has, really. In the latest version of this tournament MLS teams have only managed to beat Liga MX teams 2 times out of, now, 17 in this most recent form of the tournament.

Game 18 is up later tonight, where an old school NASL version 1.0 type LA Aztecs Galazy is taking on Santos, tonight, past my bedtime.

So far only Clint Dempsey has managed to keep MLS from completely bottoming out of this week's heavily promoted (on the MLS side) of CCL games. Some might say Dempsey has done the same for the US Men's team in the last couple World Cups.

DC lost to Queretaro 2-0 away. Seattle pulled out a draw against Club America 2-2 at home and just tonight, RSL lost away to Tigres 2-0.

[UPDATE: LA / Santos 0:0]

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