Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Major League Soccer Players Walk the Picket Line!

January's MLS headline (Should be December's headline, but in order to become December's headline Major League Soccer players will have to WAKE UP! and smell what's being shoveled).

Read Larry Johnson's post (Here)

Larry's concise breakdown of Major League Soccer's offseason schedule puts paid to what the player's union can expect from management (read--MLS headquarters, not each club). The league wants as many players as possible signed/wrapped-up/under contract before the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) is hammered out.

The cacophony of... trade window/dispersal drafts/trade window/dispersal draft/expansion draft/trade window/waiver draft/trade window/re-entry draft/trade window/re-entry draft 2/trade window/super draft is nothing more than management's (read--MLS headquarters, not each club) poorly disguised pooper-scooper full of doo doo. And the scooper is being "waivered" in front of the players.

Major League Soccer players, the ones currently working for not much money, deserve a shot at a portion of what should be a hefty increase in the salary cap. For the players who got the league off-the-ground, and are now retired, it's too late. If the current crop of MLS players, the average guy on the roster making between $50-$150,000 allow management to sign them before the new CBA is worked out, they will have no one but themselves to blame.

And so... Major League Soccer Players Walk the Picket Line!


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