Monday, April 7, 2014

First MLS Table of the Year!

The first combined MLS true table has become a regular thing for me here on Helltown. I usually wait until Major League Soccer is about 10% into the year. As I type right now MLS is 13% into the 2014 season. So... here.

While the exact places where teams fall on the table aren't that telling, the stories behind them are. The general quality of a MLS team can usually be figured out by the end of April / middle of May. We are a few weeks off that still but we are far enough to be able to start the story.

As per usual, I'll keep an updated table on the right hand side of this blog along with other MLS stats / measurements I find informative and cut through the bullshit. I update them about once a week.

Last year I started to add images to the table so I turned last year's table into a gif and it looked neat. I highlighted the Crew in yellow but also tracked New England and Philadelphia because I did a deep dive into the three teams last year, predicting their final places on the table. I was very happy with my conclusions. They were right! Even thought the Crew and Union were above New England when I wrote the piece, I correctly figured the Revs to jump both of them. I also picked Philly to finish above the Crew, which they did. If I'm getting technical... also was just about dead on my preseason Crew prediction overall last year. Proud. Analysis!

I'll do the same with the table this year. All starts with the true table. What better way to start than with a still from Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation star, Scarlett Johansson. As it should.

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