Monday, February 3, 2014

Gathering Crew Crest Thoughts, Affinity

An Affinity Diagram is a tool that is used to organize a lot of thoughts into their natural relationships. It's a project management tool, it simplifies feedback so you don't waste time on things that don't matter.

In a recent article over at Fox Sports new Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt made a few comments about the team and the team's badge. The badge has become somewhat of a big topic in Columbus in part because the Crew are one of only two teams to have not changed it but also because Precourt has talked about it so much he has had to clarify statements, clarifying statements.

Regardless. The Affinity Diagram process cares not.

The Fox Sports article was picked up by where they pulled out the badge comments. Because. They also posted up Precourts clarifying statements for good measure.

This brought in a good bit of comments, so I grabbed the first 57 and went to work (white collar via blue collar experience type work)...

First up is just the count of comments as broken up in to groups (chosen by me). I felt the categories representative.

Something that doesn't really lean either way on change, like: "MLS is changing!"

Critical / Against Change
I had to pull it out of a flat out don't change because this group didn't really say, more of: "you mean the investment manager that bought a pro team does not relate to the working class?"

Don't Change
This is where someone is okay with the current logo: "I agree. I love the uniqueness of the Crew logo."

Critical of Owner
This wasn't that unexpected because of the way MLSsoccer framed the article by putting in Precourts clarification. It shows some weakness and people like to attack that. Example: "Dude just say you want to change the crest. Enough said."

Change It
Self explanatory, "time for a cool new but tasteful look"

Critical / For Change
Critical of look but doesn't say change it, like: "It looks like a U10 kids logo and just feels semi-pro if you ask me."

Not Related
Some other comment like "go revs!"

Positive of Owner
"Reminds me of Robb Heineman here in KC.. I like it. The league more owners and guys running things like this."

This second chart shows the number of likes each one of the comments got. Negatives were included (dropping the number of likes). "Likes" have become a very powerful tool in business. Think about that each time you click on something. You just became useful data!


What this tells us is that if Precourt wants to minimize the fallout after he changes his "logo" he needs to work on the fans a bit. There seem to be more (or at the least, about the same) that are passionate about the current look.

It is a little surprising that people generally didn't mind the logo but you have to expect that after almost twenty years that would be the case.

Anyhow, the badge is getting a face lift, this much we know. The backlash after the change is what needs controlled. It can be. Trust the tools.

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