Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Crew Roster, Budget Update

January's updated Crew budget / roster is up over at Massive Report.

Crew Roster + Budget Snapshot, January

Quick highlights:
• Five open roster spots
• Crew probably have between $700k and 1 mil free
• Top needs still another Forward, CB

The main takeaway from this month's analysis is that the team has more money than roster spots to fill. Close to a million dollars is great but it sort of puts the team in the proverbial no-mans land.

Three (or even four) of the five spots left will probably be college draft players with the 1st pick pulling in $70-100k.

There are needs all over this team in terms of quality, experienced players and after the draft it still appears the might only be able to pick up one or two.

The remaining possibility is to bring in a number of quality trialists to camp in a few weeks and force a few players currently not tethered down for 2014 to compete for spots.

Outside of that, it's looking like the next significant move might not be till we are into the 2014 regular season.

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