Sunday, November 17, 2013

Final Crew Player Rankings

Summarizing an entire season in one score is unfair to any individual player but it can tell a story.

Below is how things played out for each Crew player according to the only four player rating models that I know exist. HELLTOWN (me), WHOSCORED.COM (they hammer away at Opta data), CASTROL (they go their own way), FANTASY (MLS fantasy scoring, a rating is a rating).

So, there it is. Why is this not greeted with more fanfare? Maybe a giant post at Massive Report or even petition On the Fire to do it? Because it is basically a list of top minute earners to least.

For me, personally, this is something I noticed the first year I started tracking. The better players get to play more. So much is dictated by the coaches and the league. It's not so much the players ability that is being judged here but more the player's ability to fit into the league system that the play in.

Peel back another layer and you get to the place where Major League Soccer's competitive structure can be so frustrating. In this sport, above all others, good players need other good players to truly rise above the scrapheap of mediocrity (which is sold as parity in the United States).

Food for thought and all that.

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vidda grubin said...

IMHO, all roads lead to the same nagging illusion of which you write.
Begin by asking how money affects MLS competition...BINGO! Same place, that itch in your head that won't go away.

Begin the discussion with player development and MLS competition...BINGO!

Single entity, whether the following statement is true or not it is indeed the core debate, lowers a cloud of anti-competitive nature/while simultaneously promising ultra-competitive nature.