Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coach Trapp

This is something you don't normally hear from a Crew player. It comes from young Wil Trapp over at site:

“[Barson] and I were talking, and [the RSL match] was kind of like playing Akron,” Trapp said. “When we were at Akron, that’s what we did to other teams, and to have it done to you is pretty frustrating… I think that’s something here that we could definitely implement a little more [in Columbus]. Just a little more off the ball movement and trying to get guys freed up in good spots.”

You've got to think that other players know this and say it but it never gets printed (reported). Trapp is spot on. The Crew have been overrun by better midfields for the past three years.

Warzycha tries to echo what Trapp said but clearly doesn't understand it is the philosophy the opponent took more than the talent.

“I think he can see what he has to do better,” he said. “He’s going to learn, and the next time he plays these guys he’s going to know what to expect. The next time we go on the field, he knows that the way we played last time wasn’t right.”

As normal, the coach is singling out an individual and not the chosen tactics. "He" needs to do better. "He" didn't play 'right'.

I'm hoping Trapp and others talk more like this. Crew have the talent to be competitive but are stuck with the wrong playing style.

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