Saturday, March 27, 2010

Way of the Gun

Ten years later. I picked this up on blu-ray today for $8 as an impulse buy next to The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I remember liking The Way of the Gun when it came out but I also couldn't get the misguided resemblances to Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Boondock Saints out of my head. For me those comparisons hurt the movie. But it stuck with me enough for me to pick it up today. After watching it I realize that it is something that I actually enjoy more then I probably should.

I like that Parker and Longbaugh do not talk to each other directly except where they explain the game of Hearts. I like how Longbaugh teaches Parker to not trust anyone by testing him (gun in doctors handbag, jacket left in hotel room). I like how I now realize that the beginning is actually the epilogue. And, finally, noticing at the end that Sarno is Robin's father. How did I miss this stuff the first go round?

Somehow, after 10 years, this movie has crept into my favorites list. Well done Christopher McQuarrie. Well done on Valkyrie as well. Now, get that Logan's Run remake finished.