Sunday, March 7, 2010

Curbside Columbus: 1976 Triumph TR7

This was a completely unexpected find. At first glance I thought it was a Fiero.

I found a Triumph sitting on the same lot where I picked up my z28. The lot owner must see some pretty interesting things come across his hands. The TR7 is, no doubt, one of the most interesting. He saw me out there taking some pictures and mentioned that the car had an interesting story (they always do, especially when he wants your wallet). The way he started the story was "the lady that owned it is dead". Ok... Turns out that it was owned by a family involved in a recent murder here in Lancaster, Ohio. After that a kid purchased it, spent some money getting it running, and traded it in for a Astro minivan. Ah, the same old story of neat little collector cars.

Back to the TR7... I was one when this car was produced. It has all the typical failings of other cars coming out of England at the time (from what I've read). Electrical gremlins being the biggest issue. Perhaps owning it would be akin to owning a Triumph motorcycle. A sort of an art of motorcycle maintenance thing. I do not think I would fit into this car. In fact I know I wouldn't (6' 5"). The styling was pushed as "the look of things to come". And they were right. The look of things to come in the 1980s.

There is an television ad I found on YouTube HERE. It looks like it is running for it's life actually. By far, the smallest car on the road thar.

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