Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Sunday Morning in February

Good morning. Sipping on my coffee, getting ready to start my day whilst I do so. Here are some things I've been holding onto that I probably will not get their own post...

1. The snow this winter. There has been a lot.

2. Final days for a car who has had its run. I talked to the owner of this car that has been parked in my work lot for about a week. It won't drop into gear. He's leaving her. I saw the property owner taking down the tag a few days later... she is getting towed. There was something sad about this whole thing.
3. My two. Just a photo I thought about posting when I was comparing these two cars. Yes that is a tombstone manufacturer across the street from me. Notice the size of these two. It continues to amaze me that some of these older cars we use to think were huge monsters are, well, not compared to cars today. Even the ones we consider small now. A 2003 Accord larger then a 1986 Camaro? Who woulda thunk.
4. Tax returns and thousand dollar cars. I've seen more then a few new 30 day tags on some hardly running cars recently. Tax return season has been my reasoning and I have been wanting to write about it. Especially since here in Columbus there is no car inspection. Turns out... This morning Steven Lang over at The Truth About Cars wrote about it. If you happen to have your coffee with you as you read, take some time to read his posts. One in particular called "Quality Work" is outstanding and spot on. It gives you a look at a side of selling used cars that you will take to your grave. GRAVE I say. Also, it may just save you a few bucks in the future.

5. The z28 radio installed. Picked up the cheapest car radio Best Buy had and swapped out the old AC Delco with it. Here is a pick of the guts. Audrea and I were able to do it ourselves. In a 24 year old car. In the middle of winter. Even put in a new bracket faceplate.

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