Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Canada

It's been an interesting start to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. With age I know that I view them differently each time. This is the 3rd time in my lifetime that the Olympics have been in Canada. I'm not sure why I bring that up.

Anyway. The opening ceremonies opened in a funny way when there was a mechanical malfunction in lighting the Olympic flame. It was a very awkward moment when the 4 athletes were just standing there waiting, waiting. Finally three of the 4 pillars came up. Maybe it was three because that's how my winter games have been there? ha. ha. If you were to ask me "which country would be most likely to have a mechanical failure during one of these elaborate opening ceremonies?" I would answer; Canada.

Before the start of the games a Luger(?) died while Luge-ing(?). The way the games committee handled it was poor. They publicly and officially stated that it was the luge operator error. They did this very quickly, possibly in attempt to put it behind them at the start of the games. Even with that statement, however, the proceeded to move the mens luge start to the womens, and the womens to the junior start. Now, I enjoy the Olympics, but listening to the announcers complaining about this change relentlessly for a couple hours is taxing. Either way... the official statement then the move down the hill is baffling behavior. If it wasn't the track, why move it down the hill?

Finally, oh poor Canada, what's with holding a winter games in a city that historically has a average temp above freezing during February and more rain then snow? I say poor Canada but I guess I should blame the Olympic committee for choosing the city. But! not so fast Canadia... you put the city up for bid. As I write I see the Nightly News hosted by Brian Williams and he is sitting outside in what he said was 50 degrees. AHHH GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!!! No. The average temp in the city for February is 46. It is the warmest city to ever host the games. Anyway, behind him you see mountains with no snow. On some of the events you see only the snow they trucked in on the track. Off the track no snow. The would have been better off putting the games here in Columbus. We've been getting consistent snow for 3 weeks now and are expecting another six inches tomorrow. We have had one day above freezing in the past two weeks or so.

I just looked it up, Columbus is colder on average in February then Vancouver.

But enough beating them up. I should just say that they are mis-managed. It's still they Olympics and still fun to watch.

One note about the truck with the snow... Hey Canada... maybe drive it in at night so it doesn't melt? Also, pitch in to get a different color tarp for the top. Just sayin'

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