Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the best games I've ever played. I've just plowed through most of the single player game on the second one now and pretty much what I can say is that it is more of that same goodness. That's a nice run on sentence for ya. It's more of a movie then anything. You have some choices and you do have to find the right spots but it pushes you along with the story.

Now, the story? Over the top war stuff. Although... it is with Russia and being a child of the final days of the Cold War, I find some sort of enjoyment in that. Virtual enjoyment (sheesh). It's something that fits comfortably. I guess it is simplifying the game to just pick out Russia as the only story bad guy. It's more complex then that. But going up against them brings back feelings from old Red Dawn. In fact the game plays on that a little calling one of the missions "Wolverines".

The game is hitting it's marks well and has some scenes plucked right out of movies (ex: The Rock shower room scene, or plopping you in a situation very similar to Black Hawk Down's convoy experience). The visuals are way above average and the depth of knowledge and research that went into the game is mind blowing. That said, it never lets you stand there and admire any of it. It moves at a breakneck pace.

There is a scene that the news media (and some parents alike) are pulling out and rallying against. Yeah, it's in there, but your still the good guy trying to take down the bad guys. It's pivotal to the overall story and the writers scripted it in there to make you dislike the bad guys. It works. You want to win and prevail of that evil. It's akin to the opening of Red Dawn. It's gives you an enemy you want to take out and turns the story into a good old fight between the USA and the Soviet Un... er, Russia. Only, Sum of all Fears Tom Clancy like. In fact... exactly like that. Sorry, spoiler.

Ah, Red Dawn. WOLVERINES!!!!

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