Monday, November 9, 2009

Bob Knight

Bob Knight was inducted into the Indiana University Hall of Fame over this past weekend. Not to much seems to be made about it and I'm glad. He did not show up and I do not believe he should have. Longtime Knight friend, Bob Hammel of the local Bloomington paper accepted the honor in his place. He had the following to say:

"What those numbers don’t say is what made Indiana so special, ’cause everyone knew that what Bob Knight was doing at Indiana was kicking the slats out of that perennial excuse that you have to cut a few corners, that you have to cheat a little bit. Everybody would have loved to catch Bob Knight cheating on something and they never could. The never did and they never would. That alone, coming at a time when they graduated kids and were bringing in great kids and putting together the model program in college basketball, is why this night had to happen. Tonight is recognition that those really were priceless days. The time of distancing a great university from a coach and players who contributed richly to that greatness is over."

I agree with that statement 100%.

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