Monday, October 12, 2009

Woody Hayes

Out of the blue the other day I got a great story from a co-worker (Dave) about the punch that Woody Hayes through that kicked him out of the game. It was long, but the just of it was that while Dave was living in NY he went to see an AFL game in which Art Schlichter (good German Ohio name) was playing. Schlichter was the quarterback that threw the interception in the game where Woody threw the punch.

After the game ended Dave went down to see if Schlichter was available, and of course he was. Dave got to talking with him and after a while asked about the punch. Schlichter opened up and stated that Woody did what he did to try and protect him from what would have been accusations of throwing the game (which, as it turns out, he did do) and allow him to have a pro-career. Which he did but threw it all away to a gambling addiction. You can read that tragic tale here.

What Woody did it put his career on the line for one of his players. Woody was fired after that game.

As a footnote I was also told that Charlie Bauman, the linebacker that intercepted it told the OSU bench that "Your quarterback just threw the game".

I find this clip hard to watch now, but here it is.

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