Monday, October 26, 2009

The PS3!

I'm very excited to finally have the PS3. I got it as a gift for my birthday last week. What a great gift! It has been something I have wanted for quite some time.

The first thing I wanted to test out was the Blu-ray. James Bond. I've never had the opportunity to watch any James Bond movies (well, pre-Goldeneye) without commercial interruption and until recently I hadn't seen any in HD. Over the weekend I picked up From Russia with Love. I watched it, and it was good.

The PS3 came packaged with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. I never read anything about the game so I went into it with no expectations. But, wow. The game is very good. Heck, the best thing I have played in a while even. I don't know if it was the fact that it was on a new system for me or not... I just know that I was hooked for a good three hours after thinking I would just pick it up for an hour or so.

The gameplay is easy to learn, the artwork and graphics our excellent, and, wait for it... it has a story to follow. A understandable one, albeit simple. It is a treasure hunter game very much in the same vein as Tomb Raider. But I can't get over how simple story bullet points can hold you. Yes, a simple understandable story. It even has you caring about other characters. Friendship and possibly a love interest. It's amazing how desperate I must be for this in a game. Did I mention the story?

Uncharted 2 is already out and getting some of the best reviews I've ever seen for a video game. Even the AV Club got into act of loving this game (and yes, the story).

"But the real triumph is the painfully real way Uncharted 2 portrays human relationships. People come together and fall apart in devastating, believable ways. The relationship between Nathan and Chloe feels both old—these two have a history together—and new again in an exciting way. It’s the sexiest, most convincing relationship in gaming history."

When was the last time I read reviews saying a game has a good story?

Here is another quote, this time from Jesse Costantino at

"Among Thieves is all about constant movement. And even movement on top of movement. It grabbed me from the beginning and didn’t let go for twelve hours. Once I finished, all I could think about was playing it again. More than a defining game for the PS3, Uncharted 2 is a defining game of this console generation. It shows that games have outgrown the tired comparisons to film and that we’re witnessing the maturing of the medium."

Looking forward to it.

A simple, interesting story. Imagine that.

(I'm looking at you, Red Faction.)

Go here for more on Uncharted 2. I haven't seen reviews like this for a game... ever.

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