Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Already?

What happened to Spring? Is it gone already? I'm looking at my entertainment line up for this summer and it is all happening already. Strange... It just got warm(er). Maybe this is just a part of being out here in the mid-west. All that said though, the weather is beautiful out here... cool, and breezy. Very nice. It isn't too much different then where I done growed up. In Northern VA you got pretty much four equal seasons. In NC you really only get three (Summer, long Fall, short Spring). In OH you get long Springs and Falls... and a unrelenting Winter. Summer consists of about three weeks where 87 degrees feels like you are walking on the flippin' sun. Case in point... I turned my air conditioning on at 67 degrees last week. It's all relative people!

Anyway, I'm fully ready to take on and write about this summer. Lots of neat-o things going on. Lots of things I'm looking forward to, but nothing I'm over the moon about. But I digress... I'll be taking in the new Star Trek film, the new Dan Brown book in film, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (release date pushed back??). A PS3 later this summer that I'm saving up for and of course lots of old games. Speaking of which; I picked up someone's Dreamcast library of games over the weekend at a thrift store. More on that later.

So to gear up for the summer, I went back to two summers ago and finally sat down to watch 'Atonement' from 2007.

What happened, says I. I was expecting to be into it to say the least. Maybe a good British film in the same vein as the English Patient to get me going for the summer. What I got was something else entirely. Is it worth watching? Kinda. The five minute long cut about the retreat at Dunkirk is worth the 10 bucks I paid for it. But I'm afraid that, emotionally, it fell short.

My second gear up was to finally watch 'Death Proof'. A wonderful movie. I like it. Besides my fandom-isity(?) for Kurt Russell, the movie delivers on my lust for late sixties and seventies muscle cars. Couple that with Tarantino delivering on whatever he wants to I have to say the movie is very recommended.

My third 'gear' up is Gears of War 2 for the 360. I was fully expecting to dislike it. I was wrong. I love it. It's fun and you want to keep playing and playing. Sure you don't have to think. Sure you just find conveniently placed cover and shoot. But I LIKE IT. Perhaps it is do to my playing of Fallout 3 for over 40 hours though. Great game, that Fallout.

So, anyway. Lots of rambling here. But... Looking forward to summer. Looking forward to the future.

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