Monday, May 4, 2009

More on Death Proof

A couple years ago I remember being curious about what this Grindhouse thing was, but never really considered it to be more then just an 'Oh cool, Tarantino is indulging in something here.' I didn't watch it. I didn't buy into the hype. I didn't read the reviews. After watching Death Proof yesterday I decided to see what other folks thought of the film. Boy, did Tarantino pull off a masterful work. People either hated it or loved it. Not in the way we think of a modern love / hate. But in the love / hate that the director wanted. You loved it if you remember films that traveled across country where theater owners cut the films themselves just to fit time slots... and you hated it if you where a cool-aid drinking Tarantino fan looking for the next Pulp Fiction. There is something about that I love.

He so successfully pulled off a Manos that people that hated the film so missed. He made a movie so not self aware and yet is. He didn't ask people online before he made the movie what they wanted (which is what seems to be going one in video games so often, and movies). He wasn't trying to please the masses. He was truly paying homage to something that deserved no homage. Yet, maybe it does. Mystery Science Theater found it. Tarantino remade it. I love it.

There is a drive-in theater down the road from me that has no pretense or self awareness. They just want to make money. They have a flea market there during the day on Friday's and Saturdays until 2pm. Then, later that evening, show movies that they think teens want to see whilst making out with there girls or just want to hang out at with there dad's Chevy Nova or whale tail Eclipse.

Maybe Death Proof will be shown there a generation from now. Maybe I'll see it on the large marquis right next to the sign that advertises all night disco bowling at the Rainbow Lanes Alley building next door because that's right where it should be. Right where Tarantino wanted it to be.

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