Monday, January 12, 2009

Weather Round Two

Last year I just about lost my mind with the local weather people here in Columbus. I know some of my frustration comes with the region. I love snow, always have. I don't mind the cold. I grew up in the mountains. However, I spent a good part of a decade in North Carolina. Where snow is rare, and temps below 20 are even rarer. So the winter here does drag after a bit.

It's just getting started up here, and I'm trying to get use to that fact. But one thing, ONE THING, I'm not going to get use to is the incorrect forecasting. Not just a little wrong, a lot wrong. So, anyway, the 'First Warning' team over at Fox 28 is calling for 2" of snow tomorrow morning. We'll see Mr. Martz, we. shall. see.

Over on NBC Jym Ganahl is teasing me with his forecast... waiting... COME ON! While we are waiting, let me just say that NBC 4 here in Columbus was terrible in their predictions last year. Even when making predictions made in the morning for that afternoon's weather they were wrong. For the couple weeks I watched them they could have predicted rain every day and got it right more then what they did. Their temps weren't just off they had a variance of 20 degrees. In other words it could have been 32 that day or 52. Whatever... Alright, we are back... give it to me Jym... ok. Snow all day, same as Fox 28... wait a bigger snow on Wednesday!? Tomorrow. Focus Jym... 1-3" inches 20 degrees. I got you.

7 degrees on Friday. Wonderful.

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