Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The 2008 Game

It's over now. Lots of games have been played during 'that' year. I have to say I've had a lot of fun doing it. I've really enjoyed starting a good collection of games and (working) consoles. So I feel it is sort of important to look back at the better ones...

First off, I'll have to say right now I'm enjoying Rock Band 2... as a drummer. I've had a lot of fun playing this with Audrea, and look forward to many more nights doing so.

But what is the best game I've played this year? Well, that would be Call of Duty IV. Folks, I have to say that this game, with out a doubt in my mind, takes the prize. I played the hell out of it. Offline and on. It ranks up there with my favorites of all time.

A couple other games worth checking out are Rez HD (XBOX Live), XXIII (PS2), and Brothers in Arms, Hell's Highway (XBOX 360). If you still have a Genesis, check out Comix Zone. Great game. I had a lot of fun playing those games. Fallout 3 (XBOX 360) is a good game for those with the time to immerse themselves in it and Assassin's Creed, which actually came out last November, is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. Civilization Revolution on the 360 is a great time too.

It's worth noting that Rockstar's magnum opus GTAIV is just on another complete level.

As for 2009? I'm looking forward to it. 'Stoked', believe it or not, is the first game on my list, coming out later this month. Hopefully, Operation Flashpoint comes out later this year along with the much delayed new Splinter Cell.

As for the time being? I'm drumming away at Rock Band 2. I'm putting on my scull cap here in a few minutes and pretend I'm Mike D wailing away at the drums for the first time for 'So Watcha Want'.

What a good gaming 2008! Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

Don't bother with Far Cry 2. After spending a tun of time with Fallout 3, I was looking for a similar experience, but Far Cry isn't it. It's just sorta lifeless. I did go back to the first Condemned, and that is a whole bunch of fun. Holds up pretty well for a launch game too. Oh, and I dunno if you are on Wood's friend list, or not, but my user name is fistfullofcats if you wanna send a friend request.

Anonymous said...

drums are my prize on Rock Band also. and Lisa fine tunes her bass skills...on Medium even!

Anonymous said...