Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ranged Weapons and Matt T.

Been a while since I've written. Moving gets in the way of that. It's a funny thing moving for a 2nd time in an unfamiliar place. But I digress. Alas! I am move-en. And much Fable II is been play-en. And much North Carolina has been thought-en. Fable brings back many good memories. It is what I call a Matt game. I play deep into the night hours, early in the sacred Sunday morning holiness. Matt, I miss you brother. While my time in Ohio may still be ticking on, I often wonder now how much I miss. North Carolina is a like a myth to many people in Ohio. OBX coffee mugs on co-workers desks. Stories from friends here that recount a ten year old trip to the mountains. It was all there in my hands, a missed opportunity to expound on. But here I am, making more then enough to be where I would rather be. Ohio, my friend, you have learned me much. Most importantly, what is important.


Unknown said...

Fallout 3 should be on that Matt game play list. Check it out when you are done with fable, good stuff (and long). And I don't know if you know, but 2 people have made videos of Pretty Money. You need to show them who's boss.

Anonymous said...

My short list:
Fable 2
Your NC return