Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football and Nike

As the NFL season settles in continues to keep me entertained I felt the urge to post up the newish Nike commercial that has been on pretty heavy rotation this year. Why post it? I've got very little interest in advertising these days, in fact I wouldn't wish a career of trickery for dollars on anyone (smiley face:). I'm posting because it isn't getting old. Anybody who has seen and love "The Good, Bad and Ugly" will recognize the base tune. While Nike's soccer adds have been hitting the mark for a decade, their (or should I say Weiden Kennedy) football ads have fallen short. Which is a shame because of the uniqueness of the sport of football in our culture. Part of it may have to do with the way American sports operates with out ads on uniforms or plastered all around the rim of the stadium. Whatever the case, ads for football have fallen short. That is until now...

It is in the same vein as last years Steven Jackson, Sean Merriman ad but better. But, just for pure entertainment value and because Nike owns sports advertising; a soccer one that I could watch a hundred times. If I imagine Smitty in that first person view i could watch it 100 times more.

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