Sunday, August 9, 2020

TUDN Viewers: MLS to LigaMX

It's worth taking a look at TUDN TV viewership numbers since MLS is Back started because of the continued relationship MLS and LigaMX are forging. 

TUDN is described as an American Spanish language sports channel owned by Univision Communications. It has somewhere around 39 million subscribers in the US (for comparison, ESPN has around 85 million). During the pandemic, the only shows popping up in the top 150 cable shows for that day are soccer-related. Outside of "Lina de Cuatro Especial" the top 15 programs since MLS is Back started are live games (13 LigaMX, 1 MLS). 


TUDN viewers tuned in to MLS right up until LigaMX games started. After that, it was a sharp drop into nothingness for MLS. Zero games (6) registered in the top 150 cable shows after the Mexican league started back up.


As you would expect, actual viewership numbers a much lower on TUDN due to the level of subs. What I tried to illustrate in the chart above was the immediate swap that happened from MLS to LigaMX.

If you hover over the chart, you'll get the actual figures. Roughly speaking, the are what you might expect in relationship to ESPN numbers (half).

It's interesting to me that TUDN viewers had zero interest in returning to MLS once LigaMX restarted. It's almost as if sports fans have a metaphorical cup that they fill with their own personal sports time. For TUDN viewers, that means that there's just no room for MLS.

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