Friday, November 29, 2019

MLS Re-Entry Options, 2019

Every year I take a good look at MLS players cast aside by their respective teams to try and find a hidden gem among over-priced diamonds. There are some years where there is a player or two out there that fits a team need - but usually, it's just a long list of players who have a dangling contract that MLS wants to be put to good use. Last week the four players were taken in the "stage one." None of note.

This year I've only got one player that might be a solid sign in Víctor Rodríguez (Seattle). He put in a bunch of minutes and I've had him ranked 10th best Left Midfielder in MLS in the summer. The drawback? He's over 30 and his existing contract is over a million.

Teams can re-negotiate contracts at this point in the draft process, but that starting figure is high for most teams looking to fill a role. That said. If he's healthy, he's worth the spend.


Here are the five other players to pull the trigger on:

Juan Agudelo, Forward, 600k, 27
His level is known in MLS at this point, but he deserves a chance away from New England. Put him on a natural surface in a competitive environment. He'll be well worth it.

Dillion Powers, Midfielder, $200k, 29
Solid player that, like Agudelo, has played for crummy organizations. I'd pick him up for the energy and durability.

Shane O'Neill, Defender, $140k, 26
Like Powers and Agudelo, he's been with horrible orgs. Only difference is he tried to get out of MLS before ultimately coming back to the dumpster fire that is Orlando. He's cheap. In his prime. Loads of experience. Pick him up.

Derrick Etienne, Forward, $82k, 23
AGAIN; his has been hobbled by joining a bad org in Cincy. NY loaned him there and it was a horrific season for that team. He's practically a must pick at less than $100k.

Connor Maloney, Defender, $70k, 25
Columbus shouldn't have dropped him. He came in late in the season. Proved he can play in MLS, was beloved by teammates, and is under $100k. I'm still mad Columbus put him on the market.


Luke Mulholland

I was writing about Luke back in 2012, when he was in the USL. I tagged him as a player MLS teams should pick up. Well, it happened. Real Salt Lake picked him up in 2014 and he went on to play an important role with the team for five years.

Salt Lake dropped him down to their "two" USL team last year. But he's English. He'll play till he drops and give you everything he has.

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