Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rd 15, 16: In the Wilderness

Rolling Goal Diff
Columbus beat a severely depleted Seattle Sounders team on Wednesday and called it a good rebound game from the worst loss in team history the match before. Yesterday, they managed to erase that minor victory with a lapse in concentration that led to a 2-1 against worst-team-in-the-league Colorado.

The last three games are a microcosm of the version 2017 Columbus Crew SC. Wildly erratic in results, play and performance. In other words, inconsistent. And it seems to be getting worse as the more critical part of the MLS schedule approaches.

Looking back a little bit, the three-game win streak that was so critical to helltown early in the season is the only thing keeping this team from finding the bottom of the MLS table. Those results highlight why it is so, so important to get points when you can.

Looking at previous five, ten and 20 games for Crew SC shows us that things are better than the end of last season, but not much. 1.20, 1.20 and 1.30 PPG respectively. That's not giving fans anything to get excited about. At all.

To further punctuate how matters are slipping for Columbus is the chart at the top of this post. Anthony Precourt's team has not managed to dig their way out of negative results when looking at the previous 20 games. This is a particularly maddening metric as many have noted how Gregg Berhalter's teams have a nasty habit of going on extended runs of poor results.


This seems to be coming up as the losses pile up this season (especially the bad ones). My opinion? The results are inconsistent and Crew attendance is dead last in MLS. Just looking at the metrics in front of me, they are all pointing down. I also see a team that is constructed poorly and have a mess as far as leadership organization (from absentee operator Anthony Precourt to Wil Trapp as team captain). This team isn't going anywhere.

Does that warrant a change? I think so. If the Crew are thinking progressively, I'd move Gregg Berhalter to one role or the other. I'd go with Sporting Director. And then find another coach.

Berhalter isn't going anywhere, in regards to the USSF / MLS scene. Keep him aboard, but not as head coach. It's just not there. Or it's too much.

We'll see what happens. His results over the last 18 months or so say a change should be made, but to what? MLS is a small, small world. The next coach won't do much better.

Which is why I say that the team should get progressive. Get smart. think differently. It's the only way thing will work in the Columbus market. Especially with the way things are currently in town.

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