Saturday, September 3, 2016

Quakes fire GM in wake of Crew loss

Something that you might have missed last week was the San Jose Earthquakes parting ways with long-time company man and current GM, John Doyle. The termination came the Monday ofter a loss to league bottom dwellers Columbus Crew SC.

What's interesting about this event is that I don't see much made of it over the last week. That's not to say that we should hear about it. Just that, well, nothing is out there. Well, save for this guy's comment over at

Doyle had been with the Quakes since the beginning of their latest incarnation. If you are not familiar with the franchise, you should get familiar with it. In a lot of ways, they are MLS. If you are new to MLS you know that they like to tie their history to the old NASL team. Even their twitter hashtag #Quakes74 wants you to know that - these things are not true, it'd be like me claiming Helltown Beer was founded when a town was in 1672. #Helltown1672!

Regardless. Doyle is gone and it was the loss to Columbus that was the final nail. Not the only nail, mind you, just the final.

What's interesting about this is that it highlights the ongoing low regard other MLS franchises have for Columbus. You normally see this manifest itself in star players not traveling here (never forget those "blackout the Galaxy" ads and sellout crowds that ultimately ended up watching B / C teams) or plain old snark on social media. But this latest thing from San Jose is a loud reminder of this.

Looking at like this explains a bit as to why Gregg Berhalter is still firmly entrenched in his roles with the team. It's more about him than results. He lends massive credibility via USMNT, AEG, US Soccer (brother Jay) and various other things. So much, that it's taken a couple new contracts to keep him here. It was a huge hire for Anthony Precourt and I pretty sure he is aware of what he brings and what he needs.

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