Thursday, January 14, 2016

God is an American

DAVID BOWIE & TRENT REZNOR I'm Afraid of Americans (Uncensored Version) from D O M & N I C on Vimeo.

David Bowie passed away this week. David Bowie was an artist. The video above was where he impacted me in a Bowie way. 1997. Like most around my age, we knew him more from the 1986 cult-like hit Labyrinth with Jennifer Connely. By the time he linked up with Trent Reznor to create "I’m Afraid of Americans" he had already impacted multiple generations before.

I hadn't seen it in some time and thought I might end up cringing through it watching this week. That didn't happen. In fact, while the music may have aged, the theme and imagery still hold up. More so than almost anything written today, in fact, nearly 20 years later. Even the cinematography is beautifully done and at the best quality. Very Bowie.

In the years since I've always found myself digging back through Bowie songs, pleasantly finding gems each time I go looking. A constant reminder that no matter how deep I dig creatively, here on this site or elsewhere, I know he's already been there. He's left us so much. For that, I'm forever grateful.

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