Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Simply Summarized: 2015 Crew SC

The above summarizes how things went for the 2015 Columbus Crew SC in the regular season. Two games remaining does not afford the Crew time to completely climb out of the grasp of a mediocre regular season (as a team). That's not what this season seemed to be about though. Ever since the embarrassing exit last year against New England you got the feeling that 2015 was all about performing in the playoffs. That time is almost here.

Does the team highlighted above have enough to navigate a tricky MLS playoff format? For the Crew I think skipping past the knockout round doesn't do a lot for their chances of getting a playoff win. Their defense has been off all year and over the course of a home and away they could be punished.

Finishing with a couple wins is important but perhaps working on a shutout or only allowing a goal should be the focus to help build some defensive confidence going into the postseason. It'll be interesting to see how the team approaches it.

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