Sunday, March 8, 2015

PODCAST: Red Cards in Helltown - Season 2 : Episode 1

New season, new show! This week we catch up with the new updated MLS CBA and some of the new dynamics starting to appear within Crew SC on and off the playing field.

• MLS Season started on time, CBA
• Qatar 2022 - Nations dropping out?
• Larger picture, global events
• NASL starting April 4th, growing
• "MLS2" - USL kickoff
• Garber offends Rick
• EPL table update, Championship look

• Crew SC / Houston result
• Tyler Deric, great game, familiar roster
• Kei Kamara's impact, changed dynamic
• The way Houston plays, took Crew too long to get chances
• "yeah we lost to Houston, but we outplayed them!" - every opponent
• Individual play - Steve Clark, Federico Higuain
• Crew Stadium is now MAPFRE Stadium
• Anthony Precourt changing anything not bolted down
• Lucky he didn't take it out back and go old yeller on it

• CBA, summary... status quo
• Player's share of rev
• Free Agency
• Player's view, victory on issue
• MLSPU executive committee rundown
• Not unanimous vote, 7 refused
• Pay increases 50-60k mins
• Upset players, Sports Illustrated

• Demanding better streaming quality
• Toronto FC, over/under
• New MLS cap makes you want to go back to bed

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Unknown said...

Why so negative about the whole branding thing? CCSC rebranding has really been great. New logo is fantastic, seems like there is more awareness here in the city. Yeah, the whole Crew Cat/SC thing is silly, but it's a mascot, who cares.

Mapfre Stadium sounds weird, but again, it's money for the club.

I'd take Precourt and everything he's done since arriving over anything the Hunts did for damn near 2 decades any day of the week.

We, the fans, will still call the team The Crew. I think even casuals will, and I'm sure any non-MLS media will as well. Stadium is Mapfre Stadium? So what, it's still Crew Stadium, team still gets money.

It's ok guys, things change. Would you really prefer the Hunts way instead? And like you said, Central Ohio businesses had 2 decades to step up and never did, so if it takes an outside owner and outside business to do thing better, so be it. They recognize the local aspect of the club at least it seems, unlike (guess who) the Hunts.

Larry W Johnson II said...

I'm probably more on the 'non-offended' side of stadium / team changes (might even go as far as the team needing more change). I do lean towards not muddying up the brand with a bunch of sponsors. -- with sports, particularly in the US, I think teams are more valuable without any sponsor on the game day jersey. I think having something like Sony on a NFL jersey actually devalues the franchise.

I think with soccer it's more accepted but many teams that have sponsors also have decades (in some cases a century) where they did not so putting "Sharp" or whatever Chinese betting site is big right now doesn't impact the team brand as much.

Crew SC needs the money, I think but I did find myself not recognizing a billboard with MAPFRE stadium on it as a Crew thing and I write about the team! I'll get use to it, hopefully they stick around for a while.

Unknown said...

Sure, does Barbasol on the jersey ugly it up? Yep. Does Mapfre Stadium sound and look worse than Crew Stadium? Yep. And I guess I can see how you can say it 'devalues' the club (morally I suppose) but in reality it does the opposite. Those companies are giving the club money, so it most definitely adds value to the team.

As far as Mapfre goes, it's still Crew Stadium. Do you think Browns fans call their stadium First Energy Stadium or Field or whatever, or Browns Stadium? Or just simply the stadium?

Not taking money from 'The Man' is always preferable, but we live in reality. Team needs money. And it seems the ownership is doing well to make these partnerships happen, but not go overboard with them. I've been to the Stadium twice this week. I've only seen Mapfre once, and that's right when you walk in, it says "welcome to mapfre stadium". It's not like we have red seats and red poster everywhere.

If Nationwide or some other local company could have been bothered to cough up 2 million a year or so (NW makes about 20-25 billion a year) then this wouldn't be a deal. They, and other, had 2 decades. It's life, all we care about is what's on the field. Ownership is doing a great job IMO.