Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Action 52

Just finished watching The Angry Video Game Nerd's video on Action 52. Nothing sucks me back into game collecting then his stuff. Anyway, this video is a bit different then the rest in the way that he sticks with it through all 52 different games... well, 51. He is saving the 52nd for another video I suppose. And rightly so.

There is much written on Active Enterprises. Click on the link for a good one. Searching around I found full text of the manual. It's pretty funny to read the descriptions of the games. Here is a taste. Each sentence is from a different game. I'm just mixing them up randomly, because it really doesn't matter.

It's the last of the dragon wars.

The pasta has gotten out of control, destroying all terrible occupants and establishments. They are destroying everything and the only way to save the wildlife is to break the dam and let the water free. You have right and left thrusters.

Old man winter is at the top and is your goal, but it keeps snowing and he's blowing. Harder than it sounds. There is a black hole and on the other side are all your space dreams. It seems like your in the land of the giants. They're not human. They are everywhere. Using your tanks you must avoid the mine fields set by the evil army of Satan Hosain.

Brainy has his own robots and it's not going to be easy.

Ready your weapons and fire!

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