Thursday, July 30, 2009

John Madden 10

It's very confusing. Madden video games have been around since, well, a long time. I purchased the XX anniversary edition last year. I guess just saying '10' keeps it simple. Well, other then the fact it is only half way through 09.

All that aside (an no EA/Evil Empire stuff here), a new Madden game is only a couple weeks away and I actually think I will be getting it again this year. That's three years in a row now. Ridiculous? maybe. But I have a couple reasons for doing so. 1st off is, I love football season. I signals fall, it connects me to my past (family is big Redskins fans) and also... I won my fantasy football league last year using Madden as a tool to victory. The previous year? Well, last place of course. It was fun last year as I made it to the top of the heap against fellow co-workers and friends. It meant something to me as I stuck with players I root for and denied trades for better players with questionable character (this tactic was used the previous year. It led to last place, and no one taking my team seriously). How did I get off on this tangent?

Anyway. I'm thinking of trying to scrounge up an online league this year with Madden. Reading up all I can on it. I actually pretty excited about it. Last years game was a huge step up from the previous year. It's almost up to 2k5 level. I'm thinking the game will be even better this year. Hope it works out.

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