Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dreamcast's Ohms

The Sega Dreamcast is a thing of beauty. I came across her at thrift store a few weeks ago (with controller) for $15, in excellent condition.

The DC has somewhere in the range of 250 games to collect. Right now, I have a whopping two. I can't remember exactly what happened to my games. But I do remember selling my DC in order to get an Xbox. Often times I cringe when I look back at decisions like that but here I don't really.

I have many a fond memory of the system from playing it for the first time (Ready to Rumble) to creating and playing one of my first sports created team rosters (8 Ohms).

The console design holds up remarkably well still today. It's quiet, small, and packs a good bit of power.

This picture I have up here is of the legendary 8 Ohms team. I think I can see Wood with the ball, Smitty setting a screen, Moses (with the socks on the right and Sasquatch on the upper left. The pic is of a T.V. that was mounted out on the back porch at Wade Ave. We were playing the game in the basement and broadcasting it out there.

I hope the guy that created that basketball, cloud, and lightning logo is doing well. That thing is amazing.

Below is one of the first videos I ever made. It isn't of the legendary 8 Ohms but of the 2nd iteration of 'The team' in college form. On the Dreamcast.

Here is the team a half decade later on the Xbox 360.


matt wood said...

if i wasn't at work i might have shed a tear.

Unknown said...

Gotta get yourself a copy of Jet Grind Radio. That game still holds up.

Larry W Johnson II said...

i'll have to finally check that out after all these years. i'm also looking forward to picking power stone back up.