Friday, December 26, 2008

There is an explosion in a closet in Building 12

Alternate title for this post #1: Movie that time forgot and/or didn't permit me to watch.

#2: I'm allowed to post a picture of Claire Forlani aren't I?

#3: What am I doing watching bad movies again and drinking too much Sangiovese

Around 2001 a little movie called Antitrust starring Ryan Phillippe (must have) splashed across the silver screen. Yeah, I just watched it. In my burnt out working internet retail managing 100 people and surviving shark infested water world I am allowed too much wine and my little amount of free time friday night. So there! i won't even caps my sentences from now on... provoke me and i won't even use spell check even with dotted red lines mark my misspellings.

this is the same angst and milaze that courses thru the veins of ANTITRUST. open source, man. yeah, i watched the pile that is a movie. it has a special charm that only few can see... and i'm in that few. what? you see that pic of claire right?

i've done my time with this movie. i watched it. somebody owes me something. i'll even tag this awesome movie in my lables section. hell, i'll even put ryan phillipe down there.

i'm convinced that HD is allowing me to watch bad movies now. mgm now has a station on time warner allong with a couple other movie studios all in HD and they are filling them with crapola movies for some reason. am i suppose to go out and buy antitrust now? does ryan phillippe have a new movie coming out? are they promoting something? what is the agenda here???? certainly mgm has something better to broadcast!!!!!@!!!!!@!!@@!!@. argggggg!

anyway, There is an explosion in a closet in Building 12... it's a diversion, SPOILER! tim robbins is in this movie. plays a guy named gary winston or winstone or something... william gates... GW... WG. get it? think about that and let it blow your mind.

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