Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'splainin 1

Much moons ago in a place near a place called VA Beach a band played. and played. and played. Three quarters of the way through they seemed to get loose, and by loose, I mean let it go, and by let it go, I mean get to the moment where you try and force it then go past that to the point where it let go of them. I remember driving up in pretty heavy snow and calling a girl named Sherri Fain's parents to try and get hold of her. I think she got engaged that weekend. I'd have to check with sources on that though. Too much information there, but it part of what 'splainin' is. It is what it was.

I drove up from Raleigh that night and drove back that night. Rocktannica's number one fan. Looking for magic then creating a mess just to see what happened.

I wanted deep shades of simple colors. Stevens was in a red shirt, Matt in white and Geoff in blue. Never found the yellow I wanted, but it worked for me. I layered about three different shots on top of each other and blew out the contrast. I want it there but not there. Animation with bold lines. I wanted it to be the visual representation of the sound I was given that night as well as capture the feeling I got by taking the trip up there.

At the time I remember being frustrated by the quality of that I got out of compressing files down so they didn't take up too much space. I knew that the band name would be a mess but it looked crappy large. So at the end I blew it out so it looked even worse. A big middle finger to compression. Yeah! Take that technical constraints. Rock n Roll!!!

To this day one of my favorite shots is Wood and Wood breaking apart before I fade them out at the end. This is probably why I picked this video got explain first... That one second I like and am watching a hundred times over just like I did when editing it.

A mess. But I remember it and it still conjures up the same feelings I had then. So something worked.

What I would give to hear Stevens poundin', Matt givin' it his all and Re searchin' for magic just one more time live.


Unknown said...

Yet another example of why we need your magic on some of our new stuff. And if Smitty and I have our way, that song is totally gonna get resurrected.

Anonymous said...

that building was an old Be-Lo supermarket. and i am also down for the resurrection.

Unknown said...

number one fan? can there be 2 number 1s? complicated i know, but i'm the one that stuck around long enough so they'd ACTUALLY let me BE in the band.

The MS/MS Show Show said...

You're not our number 1 fan, Smitty, you're a mascot. It's like we let the guy in a donkey costume suit up and play fullback.

The J, we need you.

Anonymous said...

it is an election year.

Unknown said...

the j, we do need you. i just like to stir the pot. i also like football.