Sunday, December 30, 2007

Win and In

Redskins in the playoffs... when I came here to write something I discovered that I am at a loss for words. Over the past few weeks it looks like the skins are finally coming together as a group. When looking at the road to the Superbowl you can't help but think that they have a shot to run through to the big game. If it weren't for that embarrassing loss to the Pats earlier this year I might actually believe they have a legit shot at winning it all, but that didn't happen so I have to lean on two things: 1. letting the insane skins fan in me to say 'they can win it all!!!'. And 2. The Madden 360 season I played through in which the skins win it all (Patriots v. Skins in the Superbowl). The secret to beating them is moving Cooley to FB.

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