Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Free Agents MLS (Live Broadcast...[updating])


Earlier this week MLS released a list of their first "free agent" class. 26 total players. Qualification to make the list is basically - play 8 years in the league. Almost all on the list were from the USA, over the age of 30 and overpaid.

Back on Monday, one of the MLS people said that the guys on the list would "make the playoffs" if they were on a team. I decided to put that to the test and create a team on EA's FIFA 16 (Xbox One) and simulate a season (via custom tournament). I'm towards the end of my 1st sim now. The team didn't make the playoffs.

In fact... they came in last. Restarting the process now, check it out!

More Details: I put all the guys on the Northampton Town Cobblers and swapped out the Philadelphia Union. This post will be up for just a little bit, if you want to watch just click on the video above.

[UPDATE: keep checking back, I'll be playing off and on for the next couple days. I'm kinda enjoying it. More broadcasts to come...]

Here's the list of players on this team:

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