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Occasionally I'll put together some images of the moving kind. Not sure when or how it happened but at some point I fell in love with art, writing and moving pictures. Believe it or not, in another life, I filmed music videos and documentaries down in Raleigh, NC. I'm still in love but it takes a passionate and dedicated obsessive to create film and I've mellowed ... (though still reserve the right to regress).


July 27th, 2013. Things in Columbus were coming to a boil. Most following the Columbus Crew closely knew that if they fell to a very bad Toronto team that head coach Robert Warzycha would be let go. After the match I put the above image together. It was right before Toronto pulled even and eventually scored their winner, all with just five minutes left. You could feel it coming, I felt the rain was perfectly fitting. Turns out the Crew would change ownership hands and then later fire Warzycha.


Shawn Sloan was a player I grew to like during the 2013 season via Reserve Matches. I had regularly attended these matches since 2011 and knew that the minutes some of the players like Sloan earned there were more valuable than gold. I think at the time I realized the Crew would be shutting down the Reserve team and opting for an affiliate in Dayton. That knowledge fulled my piece on Shawn. I use parts because I knew he was a big fan of Harry Potter. I'm not sure I'll ever go back an write more on Sloan but by all accounts he's a smart guy with a great family. He'll be just fine and fill out the remaining parts himself.


This one came out of a re-watch of F.W. Murnau's 1927 "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans". Of my many quarks, one is that I like old TVs. Particularly, North American (all of it) made TVs from the 60s and 70s. There was a transition in there were Americans went from giant cabinet TVs to smaller units that could be put in kitchens or out on the deck (or whatever). I have a couple. One of my favorites is Sears model from the late 60s. For this short Vine of Ben Speas I used a old super 8 video camera to pass some video I was editing through a VCR adapted to the 40 year old TV. From there I recorded this shot of Speas on my phone.

This one was created after Rick Gethin (Fox Sports Ohio, NHL) and I went down to check out Dayton Dutch Lions in a friendly matchup with the Columbus Crew after their US Open Cup match. Rick cut loose on SB Nation's Massive Report. It was a good trip.

Josh Williams' rise to starter in MLS is about as accidental as it gets. I wrote romantically about it a few years ago before he had roaming bands of women in the Nordecke protecting his honor (true story) and still think he has a lot to offer. During the 2014 preseason he ripped this one off on Toronto's new high profile signing Júlio César. It's one of the best goals I've seen for the Crew over the years (Cesar's reaction is perfectly fitting).


Not so much on the video these days but I do have a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition that collects more dust than anything, save for this day, when I took it down to Dayton's new home at West Carrollton HS for a friendly against the Columbus Crew. Wasn't much doing in the match but did have a great time riding down and back with Massive Report podcast host Matt Goshert. I also will never (and do not ever) forget the sunset on midwestern backdrops.

Federico Higuain has chipped a few MLS 'keepers during his time with Columbus. One of the first is above. a few more to add, but enough for now. To be continued.

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